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How to choose a new WordPress theme

December 19, 2019
How to choose a new theme

There unit of measurement thousands (10,000-plus) of WordPress themes out there. Such plenty of that it’d take days on end to seem through all of them. so but do I slim it right all the way down to notice the correct one for your site? Let’s see How to Choose a new WordPress Theme.

During the right theme selection, You have to keep the mind at least 7 things that we are explaining in blew. After you select the perfect WordPress theme, You maybe like to know about how to create a smart blog with google and user-friendly from scratch. Now We are talking here about how to select a new perfect WordPress theme.

Choosing the proper theme is clearly very important — the proper one needs to supply your content dynamism, keeping it responsive across devices, whereas to boot loading among the blink of fastened fixed. Notwithstanding with such plenty of themes among the pool, it’s going to be a rather discouraging task to settle on the only one potential.

Before buying a problem, or finance a while in customizing one, beware to scan through this list of do’s and don’ts once it involves selecting the correct WordPress theme.

1. Do Select a list of the features what you want beginning

Before choosing a topic, it’s fully necessary to see what options are essential and that you’ll be able to live while not.

The WordPress Feature Filter makes it super simple to customize your look for free themes supported specific options you wish, like being translation prepared and granting a versatile header. It’s necessary to own the look in mind before creating a range. for example, you must be ready to understand if you wish your web site to own one column or multiple columns.

Wordpress Themes Feature Filter

When it involves WordPress themes, less is often a lot of. Building from the lowest up, the theme you select ought to solely have the options which will assist you to accomplish the goal of your website, not spare ones that muddle your theme, that brings the United States to the ensuing purpose.

2. Don’t choose an inflated Theme

The importance of this can be you don’t need a theme untidy with options — this may solely hurt you at the end of the day. A feature-rich theme may well be nice, however, it will severely have an effect on web site performance. make certain to restrain yourself against putting in each feature you think that is cool.

While fancy music players or diversion capabilities may well be tempting, they might cut back from web site performance. Plus, developers typically use code they found on the net for these options, thereby making security weak spots as a result of they aren’t essentially targeted on keeping a web site secure, however playacting a selected perform.

3. Do select Responsive Theme

Responsive style merely suggests that creating your website ultra-easy to use—not simply on a portable computer, however on multiple devices. this implies that it’s compatible with mobile and has menus and different widgets that area unit straightforward to navigate. seek for options sort of a fluid website grid and versatile pictures that may translate to non-desktop devices. associate degree example of a responsive theme would be one that may simply translate on a mobile device with no hiccups.

Say that you just picked a subject that you just love, however it’s not as responsive as you’d like. You’re reaching to have to be compelled to customize it a touch bit. Here are some ways to create your WordPress theme responsive on your own.

4. Keep in Mind about color

Remember, most of on-line promoting is predicated on the visual look, and colors increase complete recognition in addition. If you have got a brand, try and match your color scheme of that brand. If protrusive to neutrals, a touch of color here and there’ll build it a lot of fascinating. WordPress makes it super straightforward to change the looks, together with colors, of a topic by going directly into the file or coming into custom CSS.

If attempting to make a decision between dark and light-weight, note that it’s statistically shown that website guests like lighter colored sights. whereas a dark web site style isn’t associate degree absolute no if you are doing prefer to opt to elect the dark aspect to apprehend that you just are decreasing readability and therefore the chance for more typical style components.

(If you would like some recommendation on colors for your theme, here’s some from CTO, Jason Cohen.)

5. Do consider to purchase a Premium theme

While free themes area unit nice for those on a budget, they’ll gift some problems. other than the standard of committal to writing doubtless not being up to par, by employing a free theme, you’re taking the danger of it not being updated frequently, a scarcity of support, and therefore the theme author abandoning the theme altogether.

How to choose a new wordpress theme - premium

Premium themes are a unit dynamic, generally giving additional options than free ones, which may assist you to stand with the exception of the gang. verify these premium WordPress themes that solely need a one-time price instead of a continual payment.

6. Do select a theme With A Font That’s read to easy

This ties back to capture your visitor’s attention fast in order that they won’t abandon your website. you would like to create it as simple as attainable for your audience to navigate your website. build your fonts straightforward, refined, and clear. the foremost common fonts on the web in the previous year were Open Sans, Josefin block, Arvo, Lato, and Vollkorn.

If you’re accustomed to CSS, it ought to be simple to travel in and modify the font, though some free themes could be restricted in customization — one thing to notice throughout your theme choice method. (For an honest browse on selecting distinctive and clear fonts, see Stop Using Arial & Helvetica.

7. Do check the theme completely

A great place to begin once testing out a theme’s potency is to put in the Theme Check plugin that checks if your theme is up to all or any current WordPress standards.

When you’re through with all the tweaks and have uploaded all of your content, review your website before saying it to the globe. read all of your content, scrutinize your website on mobile, and make certain all of your pictures load properly. you must additionally think about finance during a hosting resolution that gives staging environments and install a child theme plugin.

Here’s a compilation of a few places to buy quality themes:

Next Steps

Hopefully, this text has given you some concepts to assist slim down your choice method. What’s nice concerning WordPress is that if you are doing arrange to amendment themes down the road, you’ll have the flexibleness to try and do this. If you’re trying to find additional on choosing the correct WordPress theme, explore this library of resources on the force.


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